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Hai Zhuge
Professor at Aston University - UK
ACM Distinguished Speaker
"From Big Data to Great Knowledge with Cognitive Cyber-Infrastructure"

With more and more types of device are being invented, widely deployed and used, data is continually generated in cyberspace, physical space and social space, and data is growing not just in volume but also in velocity and variety, which challenges not only computing infrastructure but also sciences. In contrast to continually generated big data, data that people can read and use is small, and valuable data is even smaller.  It is critical to recognize the nature of big data and data-intensive exploration at this data explosion era. This lecture reviews and discusses the important work on big data, presents new understandings of big data from cyber, physical and social perspective, analyses dimensions on big data with real application domains, raises the challenge of generating great knowledge that can transform society, discusses the paradigm of science, and proposes the cognitive cyber-infrastructure to generate great knowledge through big data analytics. Finally, the core scientific problems of big data are proposed.  Big data surge is the prelude of great revolution of science, engineering and technology.

Brief Biography

Hai Zhuge is the pioneer of Cyber-Physical Society research and Knowledge Grid research. He invented the Multi-Dimensional Classification Space and the Semantic Link Network Model as the fundamental models to manage various resources in Cyber-Physical Society.
Read full bio from here


Sherif Fathy
Sales Manager - SAS Middle East
"The Power of Analysis"

A brief overview of the SAS Business Analytics Framework and the real life implementations and use cases from the local and regional markets, explaining the value of adopting analytics as one of the strategic tools for enabling a more consistent and intelligence decision making process, Also highlighting the clear market gap of skills in this area and the career opportunities for Data Scientists and Statisticians, locally, regionally and globally.

Brief Biography

Sherif is an Analytics Expert with almost 20 years of experience in Technology and Business solutions, he has an Engineering degree from Ain Shams University in 1997, joined SAS in 2008 and has contributed to a lot of Academic and commercial projects in the Middle East region to support business organizations to leverage the analytics advantage to make better decisions.


Walaa Mohamed Atef
Partner Business Evangelist - Microsoft
"Azure Advanced Services"

Brief Biography

Walaa has 16 years of experience in the IT industry. A graduate of the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Sham University. He has wide experience as a software Developer, Development Lead, Project Manager, Business Analyst and Technical Consultant. At Microsoft he has a key mission to engage with Startups and Software companies to help them better align with Microsoft platforms, technologies and tools. Walaa considers Software Development as his passion.



Mr. Muawiya Abu El Jubain
Chief Operation officer - ITS
"Latest Trends in the IT Industry"

Muawiya will be speaking about the Hot Trends in the IT industry that will shape the near future of it. He will be covering Trends in Cloud Computing with all its aspects (IaaS, Paas and SaaS), the Future of the PC, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and the Innovation Cycle and its effect on the IT Industry.

Brief Biography

Muawiya Abu Jubain - Chief Operation Officer at ITS (International Turnkey systems); Muawiya has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry; passing by all career levels and experiencing each minute detail of all the software lifecycle, worked in various business lines, Muawiya awarded his BCS –Computer science from the University of North Texas and his MBA from the university of Hull UK highly experienced with proven record of developing forward-thinking and successful IT projects in diverse business environments. Consistently recognized by executive management for exceptional leadership that drives business growth, improves organizational effectiveness, and develops / implements IT strategy. Effective communicator with history of delivering inspiring presentations on leadership, as well as building and managing cross-functional teams. Customer-focused leader dedicated to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tarek Abdel-Salam
Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
College of Engineering and Technology, East Carolina University, USA
"Simulation and web-based tools in engineering education"

Brief Biography

Dr. Tarek Abdel-Salam is a mechanical and an environmental engineer by training. Dr. Abdel-Salam currently is the Interim Director of ECU Center for Sustainability and the Campus Director for North Carolina Space Grant. Dr. Abdel-Salam’s research is focused in two areas: technical research in thermo-fluids and engineering education. His technical research includes computational fluid dynamics methods related to combustion processes, fuel injection, fluid flow and micro mixers, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and environmental management. In engineering education, Dr. Abdel-Salam has published in areas related to recruitment to STEM fields, virtual engineering laboratories and distance education.


Marc Khayat
Technical Manager - Cisco Networking Academy
"Advances and the way forward"

Brief Biography

Marc Khayat is the Technical Manager for the Cisco Networking Academy covering Turkey, Middle East and North Africa. Before joining Cisco, he was a NetAcad student, then instructor and instructor trainer. He holds a Masters of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a CCIE in Routing and Switching.